Is a hair transplant is possible without a hair cut?

Yes, Unshaven FUE is the same procedure as Standard FUE, but it is done without hair being shaved. This method can be used on patients who meet the necessary requirements.

Unshaven FUE procedure

Hair is cut shorter on 1 cm strips between two ears at the back of the head. Longer parts of the hair immediately covers the parts with shorter hair. So, the obvious thing with this method is that the expert shall work on some specific parts of the the donor area. As a consequence the number of harvested hair grafts are limited to 500 – 2000.

If the patient requests unshaven hair transplant on wider bald areas the number of sessions will increase – one session will not be sufficient.

This method is generally used for the following:

  • Small hair implant areas
  • Covering scars
  • Eyebrows transplant
  • Implants for women

Results of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Unshaved FUE can be thought of as a method that has less impact both on the professional and private life of a patient. Since the operations leave little or no obvious marks, the patient will have a less stressful recovery period.