For many cultures, facial hair is a symbol of masculinity, manhood and prestige. As a result, lack of facial hair growth can take a toll on a man’s self confidence. Facial hair loss or patchiness can happen due to trauma, scarring or genetics.

Beard, moustache and side burns transplants saw a significant rise in popularity around the world during recent years. Beard transplants as goatees, sideburns or eyebrow transplants are types of facial hair transplants designed to increase density and fullness of facial hair.

Patients from the Middle East prefer linear beard structures, while other patients prefer beards with spread and unregular hair pattern on the face.

It is possible to undergo a hair transplant procedure on the beard, moustache and side burns areas in cases where patients genetically do not have beards or if they have burns or scars as results of trauma. The alopecia areata, so called circular hair loss, is based on psychological reasons. In such cases, if the hair does not grow again because of traumatic shavings, a scar as result of an accident or medical treatment and medication, you can expect facial hair loss. The solution for that would be transplants.

In case where there are no hair growing hair on the face, grafts are removed from the area between the ears and the neck and are transplanted with the FUE technique on the hairless areas on the face, like in the hair transplant procedure on the head. Here the density of hair and giving the right direction to the hair are important. For these reasons thousands of grafts are transplanted carefully on the hairless area of the head. The healing process takes place between 7 – 10 days. After the 15th day of the procedure patients can begin shaving.

Our hair transplant team is one of Europe’s most sought after hair loss experts specialising in Facial Hair Transplants using the FUE technique for patients of all ethnic backgrounds.

Beard Transplant procedure

A beard transplant procedure is carried much like the hair transplant procedure, combined with delicacy and precision.

Hair is removed from the scalp using the FUE procedure, comprising of one or two hairs at a time. These units are then inserted into 1 – 2mm long incisions along the cheek or jawbone.

Who benefits from FUE Beard Transplant procedures?

  • Men who are unable to grow a beard
  • Men who have patches of non-hairy areas along the beard or mustache region
  • Men who have facial scars due to burns, incision or pimple scars

Results of FUE Facial Hair Transplants

After three months you can expect the hair growth to start. Full results of beard transplants will be seen within several months. The result is permanent and natural-looking.