Hair Mesotherapy can be a viable option for hair regrowth. It is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that helps strengthen hair roots, promotes new hair growth, stops hair loss and helps repair damaged hair.

Hair thinning or hair loss naturally occurs as part of ageing, due to a variety of factors including poor diet, medication, heredity, male pattern baldness, hormonal changes, emotional stress, illness, or due to an underlying disease.

Mesotherapy procedure

After assessing your hair loss condition, our hair loss therapists plan a course of action by prescribing oral supplements and/or a shampoo to make your scalp healthy. During Mesotherapy at our Hair Transplant clinic, your scalp is washed and hair is combed with a high frequency comb to stimulate circulation in the scalp. The placenta serum with Dermapen Mesotherapy is then applied to activate hair follicles and enhance growth.

The scalp is then exposed to radiation from a low level laser to reinforce new hair growth followed by a scalp massage, which helps the scalp absorb the serum fully. Our hair restorations experts apply 10 to 20 sessions in total to achieve the most desired results.

Who benefits from Mesotherapy?

Ideal candidates for Hair Mesotherapy are people who are in their early stages of Alopecia.

  • Male: Androgenic Alopecia (early stages)
  • Females: Androgenic Alopecia (early stages)