Recent studies show that stem cell has a big and very effective role in hair medicine.

The importance of a hair transplant procedure in health institutions and in health tourism reaches its highest point nowadays. At the same time, because of problems occuring as results of applied hair transplant methods applied at inappropriate places by unprofessional persons, Turkey loses its reputation in hair transplants, which are one of our most important business sectors.

Procedures under the counter (at any inappropriate places), and performing hair transplants at randomly set up places by people, who are not even a health professional, arouse concerns among doctors, specialist and hospitals serving in this field. In order to raise awareness in this content, to reach conscious patients and to guide them correctly, some studies have been carried out in the laboratory. These studies are about ensuring the storage of grafts outside the body during hair transplant procedures for a longer period, making donor areas for grafts more effective and productive, and about producing new hair cells.

Special life solutions for grafts

With the existing methods the follicular units/hair grafts extracted from the appropriate areas on the patient are kept in a physiological saline until the transplant. As a result of that, hair follicles were dying and losing their liveliness. This was reducing the success rate of hair transplants enormously. For that reason the studies go on around the world to improve these solutions, where grafts/follicles are kept during the procedure. Medical Park Hospital Hair Health and Transplant Units have developed a different and effective method than these traditional methods. It plays an important role in Turkey’s health tourism industry.

With these techniques the focus has been given to the improvement of the success rates for hair transplant procedures in Medical Park Hair Health and Hair Transplant Units. Focus is on improvement of the saline storing the grafts and finding a solution to the problem mentioned above. The developed solution “for storing the follicles“ increased the success rate of hair transplant procedures, accordingly the liveliness of grafts has been improved. It has been seen that grafts stored in these solutions kept their liveliness for a longer time. As a result, our hair transplant success rate have increased.

Hair Transplants with the support of stem cell achieved from the fat cells

In the last years one of the newest therapies are the application of rich cell suspention removed from the stem cells called “Stromal Vascular Suspention”. These stem cells are removed from the fat tissue in the abdominal areas of patients having hair growth problems. The cellular therapy applied to the application area before hair transplants has essential and positive effects on grafts for holding them in place under the skin, besides that it stimulates the growth of lively, long-lasting and healthy hair. Today we can see the effective results of this supportive method called “Organic Hair Transplants”. The extracted fat tissue is processed, the most suitable area for hair transplants is generated before the procedure. Grafts hold on to the surroundings under the skin, the lost of grafts is reduced, thin hairs are strengthened and hair loss of the existing hair is reduced. In order to achieve items above, a content of stem cells is injected into the patient in one session before the treatment.

The stem cells are regenerative, important and an effective resource used in medicine for treatment purposes. Another application is the injection of cells with root hairs, which are acquired with specific methods from the processed liquids gained from cell cultures. The renewal of the tissue applied during hair transplants is ensured with this method and the injections contribute to achieving productive and successful results in hair treatment. On the one side, this method facilitates the holding on of the grafts, on the other side it increases the liveliness of the follicles. Additionally, it stops the period of hair loss by patients having thin and sparse hair and stimulates the existing follicles. In this way the growth of new hair follicles is stimulated too. 5 to 6 grafts removed from patient and 55 cc of blood are proceeded in the laboratory. And from that millions of hair root cells are produced.

This therapy is applied in three sessions. In each session 30 million of root hair cells are injected into the patient. In each of the results, which differ from patient to patient, it has been observed that the hair loss stops, thin hair thickens and new hair follicles emerge. Stem cell injections have been applied in our hair tranplant units. The cellular medical therapy is the first and only method against hair loss and baldness. There are no side effects in this treatment.

For those who have thinning or sparse hair and who want to densify the hair structure, for those who have not been pleased with the results after a hair transplant or for those who do not have enough graft number to restructure his hair, for those by whom the necessary graft number can not be achieved to fill up all hairless parts on his/her head, for women after giving birth and for those who suffer from genetic hair loss, very good and effective results have been achieved so far.